The proper use of defibrillators is vital!

In Belgium, each year, approximately 9,000 people are struck down by cardiac arrest, with 17 to 30% occurring in public spaces.

According to the Federal Healthcare Center, annually, 10 athletes under the age of 25 die from heart failure. Yet, with the proper use of a defibrillator, many lives could be saved.

In Belgium, defibrillators are mandatory in sports clubs, and their number is estimated to be around 9,000 across the Belgian territory. However, they are estimated to save only 6 to 28 lives according to studies. The main reason is that people hesitate to use this device due to a lack of knowledge. Faced with this reality, it has become essential to familiarize users of our communal sports facilities with this vital device.

In collaboration with the Ladbrokes Foundation, an awareness and training campaign has been proposed for the clubs and users of our sports centers. As a result, about twenty people received the “Heart Heroes” diploma at the end of the session. Additionally, to quickly respond in case of an emergency to the question “where is the defibrillator?”, a visual awareness has also been established through the implementation of specific signage to clearly indicate the defibrillator’s location.

Article written by the Alderman of Sports – Virginie Poncelet